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Pro-Ject полочная акустика АС SPEAKER BOX 5, S2, WALNUT

35000.00 руб.
Артикул: нет
Производитель: Pro-Ject


• Audiophile bass-reflex design  

• Sophisticated internal bracing  

• Ultra stiff non resonating MDF cabinet  

• Audiophile direct-wired crossover - no PCB!  

• Leed free solder  

• Ecofriendly glue from Kleiberit  

• Real wood finishes in 3 options  

• Acoustically transparent front cover with magnetic attachment  

• Gold-plated speaker terminal (single-wired)  

• Handmade in Europe  

Speaker Box 5S2 are respected for their extraordinary sound, wide, spacious, detailed and with punchy bass, they are sure to tickle every musiclo-ver‘s fancy from the first moment onwards. The noble wooden chassis come in three high quality finishes: walnut, eucalyptus and rosewood.With Speaker Box 5S2 we created a monitor speaker which will satisfy audiophiles as well as professional musicians. Only high quality materials were used when Spea-ker Box 5S was created. A 25mm silk dome tweeter delivers cristal-clear highs, the 150mm fiberglass cone gives full-bodied and lush mids as well as punchy and tight bass.Every speaker of ours has to withstand extreme-condition tests to ensure they fit our highest standards. A very special, restistant and ecofriendly glue has been used to hold the cabinet together and to avoid any leakage.  

The recommended amplifier power is rated between 10 - 150 watts RMS, where it applies as for every speaker: the higher the power of an amplifier the less distortion can be found at lower volumes. Amplifiers with less power are driven to their limits faster at lower volumes, while having more dis-tortion when reaching their peak, this can harm any loudspeaker!  

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